Canada as a country occupies the second largest landmass in the world and is bordered on three sides by Three Oceans.The land is rich in natural resources  and the Ocean is the home to an impressive array of the Worlds highly prized seafood. An industrial nation and a manufacturer of high quality products it has an impressive culture of quality and professional integrity in it's business dealings. The quality of Canadian products has long been recognized by Canada's closest neighbor to the extent that 90 per cent of Canada's exports  travel South to  The United States of America.

It is in recognition of the quality of Canadian products and it's disproportionatly limited international exposure beyond North America that led to the formation of Atlantic Tradelink Inc. a Federally Registered Canadian Corporation.The company was conceived with the objective to introduce, market and distribute Canadian products to a wider arena of international customers .It was a logical assumption that products that are prized in the discerning market of the United States of America, deserved to be showcased to the rest of the world.

From the King of Seafood, the Atlantic lobster, to our softwood lumber, to the metals stored beneath Canadian soil,to the thriving agricultural sector producing grain, vegetables and meat in the vast prairies of central Canada. All products are produced and monitored to conform to the highest standard. 

Atlantic Tradelink Inc. is committed to bringing to your doorstep..the right product at the right price in the right condition to destinations anywhere across the globe.

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